Xmas Joi Tea
Xmas Joi Tea

Xmas Joi Tea

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For the JOIous festive season

Everyone has a favourite Christmas memory. The unwrapping of gifts, the gathering of your loved ones, the taste of Christmas pudding. This is why many of us feel a sense of enchantment when it comes to Christmas! Using ten, carefully selected herbs and spices, we have created the Xmas Joi blend to remind you of your favourite Christmas memory. Let the rich, spicy and fruity flavours and the blissful aromas take you on a journey of wondrous nostalgia.

Wishing you and your loved ones a JOIous Festive Season.

Contains: Elderberry*, Elderflower*, Cardamom*, Cinnamon*, Hibiscus*, Holy Basil*, Orange Peel*, Rose*, Chamomile*, Rosehip*

* Certified Organic Herbs


Help restore our native forest!

At Joi Tea, we are all about giving back to nature. This is why we donate $1 for every 30g bag of Xmas Joi blend sold to Trees That Count each year! Please help us to make sure that our beautifully unique forests are protected for the generations to come.